Photography Club Membership

1. Bring your own DSLR camera and shoot your own sessions with pro photographer. Of course, you may still just have our photographer shoot the session or any other local photographer you know who is a member of Portrait Club Studio™.

2. Bring your own DSLR camera and shoot your own session yourself.

3. Bring your own DSLR camera and have pro photographer provide you instructions while you shoot your own scheduled portrait session.

4. Join other photo club members who alternate assisting pro photographer with portrait session shoots when the photographer has determined your skills will add value to the portrait sessions of Portrait Club Studio™ customers.

5. When annual membership paid in full, receive $120 credit towards purchase of portrait sessions and printed portraits from any of your portrait sessions. With your annual membership paid in full, you also receive a One-Hour Portrait Session and you also receive 23 full print resolution JPEGs of your choice from that session at no additional charge.

6. Contact the studio to schedule Training Sessions with the photographer. More information about Training Sessions on this page below.

7. Join the Portrait Club Studio™ private Facebook Group to access training videos and more produced by pro photographer John Wilson.

8.  Interested in seasonal work? If you have sufficient photo skills you may work full or part-time during the Easter and Christmas shooting season. $18 an hour full or part-time depending on studio needs. Submit application with proper identification and agree to background check and drug test.

9. Wedding photographer assistants and 2nd shooters for weddings may be needed by our professional wedding photographer club members. As a club member yourself, you may have the opportunity to earn some money part-time if you have the skills and talent those pro photographers are looking for.

10. If you decide to become a wedding photographer and operate your business under your own license, you may use Portrait Club Studio™ as place to meet your prospective clients and provide portrait services for them. Ask your Portrait Club Studio™ photographer for all the details.

11. Learn how to fly and take aerial photographs with a drone. We teach drone photography for real estate, residential and commercial roof inspection and other purposes.

12. Convert your old 8mm and Super 8mm roll films to digital using the equipment at the studio for our photography club members. The studio also has conversion equipment to create digital versions of your old negative and slide films. Don't forget to convert those before it is too late! Just takes a few minutes to learn and you can save a lot of $$$ doing it yourself at the studio.

13. Gain access to thousands of dollars worth of photo editing software in the studio. Learn photo shop, foto fusion, paint and other software to take your photography to the next level.

Photography club membership only $180 annually or $15 a month. Get involved as little or as much as you want. Either way, photography club membership provides a great value for your portrait photography needs. Click the PayPal button below if you would like to join online. This is for a one year membership of $15 a month for 12 months. But you may cancel at anytime. As long as you are paying the monthly fee, you may enjoy the monthly benefits of photography club membership. If you cancel before paying the full year membership, you lose the $120 photography club credit. There are no refunds of monthly photography club membership payments as you have monthly membership benefits you may use every month. You may also join the photography club while you are at the studio.

Photography Club Training Sessions

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